Rates and Dates

We are looking for volunteers from February 2017. Just send an email to ryanvanhuyssteen@gmail.com or melissa.petford@outlook.com with the period you have in mind and we'll happily accommodate you.
Matobosaurus validus, the Giant Plated Lizard.
We are completely reliant on donations and volunteers/interns to achieve our objectives. The volunteer programmes range from 2 – 8 weeks at the following rates, which cover board, travel, maintenance, guiding fees and other expenses:

 Two (2) Weeks (14 Days)  $ 620  £ 510
 Four (4) Weeks (28 Days)  $ 1 200 £ 980
 Six (6) Weeks (42 Days)  $ 1 800 £ 1 460

For amount in ZAR please inquire. Due to fluctuations in exchange rates prices may vary, please enquire for up to date pricing. Please budget between 300 and 400 ZAR per week for meals.

Volunteers that participate in our programme at the SCBC will be involved in the collection of information on biodiversity and to contribute this information to a database. The collection of this biodiversity data is important for future conservation efforts in the area; knowing which organisms occur is the first step towards their conservation.

Guests and volunteers will be collected from Louis Trichardt. Transfer from Polokwane, Johannesburg or elsewhere is not included in the above rates, but will be arranged with each group or individual.

Every traveler has different needs. If you want to spend more or less time than what has been outlined above, please send an enquiry and we can make an arrangement. Game-viewing and safari expeditions into surrounding game reserves and national parks can also be arranged on request.

Ictinogomphus ferox, Common Tigertail

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