Accommodation and SCBC Life

We are currently accepting volunteers for our programme. Groups are small and limited to three people. Keeping the groups small allows us to direct our objectives using a bottom-up strategy that empowers participants to steer both the research and the future of the organization. Instead of being just another volunteer, you will become an active conservationist and a builder of our organisation.

Accommodation is comfortable and facilities depend on locality. Medike, our headquarters has no electricity or mobile reception (only on higher areas), Goro and Lajuma have wifi and electricity. When camping in more remote areas generally there is no electricity although solar power will be provided.

The Stone Cottage is an excellent example of the DIY ethic that is espoused by the Soutpansberg Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation and was built by the landowner, Hannes Underhay.

Accomodation at Lajuma in the Luvhondo Private Nature Reserve
Accomodation at Goro Nature Reserve
Camping under a Baobab at Pafuri

All accommodation is is in a natural setting with wild animals of different species easily seen at anytime.

Moonrise over the Soutpansberg.

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