Accommodation and SCBC Life


Accommodation at Lajuma is comfortable with a fully equipped kitchen, hot showers, flush toilets and a washing machine. Wi-Fi is also available but bear in mind we are located in the mountains and so at times it can be quite slow. Electricity is at 220V and is supplied through hydro-power. Please note that the electricity is not suitable for high wattage equipment such as irons, kettles or hairdryers.

A pillow and bed sheets are provided but students must bring their own sleeping bags and towels.

Accomodation at Lajuma in the Luvhondo Private Nature Reserve

If students wish to participate in our herpetological research expeditions accommodation is variable. In some areas we may be staying in a lodge whereas in others we may be camping. Tents will be provided for these excursions.

The Stone Cottage at Medike Mountain Reserve
Accomodation at Goro Nature Reserve
Camping under a Baobab at Pafuri

All accommodation is is in a natural setting with wild animals of different species easily seen at anytime.

Moonrise over the Soutpansberg.


During your first few days here we will be teaching you the skills you will need for the bush and to conduct your research. We will also help you become familiar with the area.

Interns/Researchers will largely be independent and in charge of their own research. It is up to you to finish your research in the time that you are here. However, we will always be on hand to help when needed. Before arrival you must have written a research proposal outlining your intended research, along with materials and methods and how you wish to analyse your data. This proposal must have been sent to us for approval; as we are constantly working in the area we can identify whether your project will be feasible or not.

Research assistants will take part in a more diverse programme and will be helping on a number of different research projects.

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