The Soutpansberg Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation (SCBC) is a research and conservation organisation, based in the Soutpansberg, a biodiversity hotspot. We are currently running data collection programmes on reptiles, butterflies, beetles, birds, scorpions and mammals. The data is used to contribute towards the developmental ends of the newly proclaimed Vhembe Biosphere Reserve.

The Soutpansberg Dung Beetle, Scarabaeus schulzeae. A Soutpansberg endemic.

To ensure that important conservation areas are preserved we need to determine what we are preserving in those conservation areas. Areas that are home to species, which are endangered or threatened, are more likely to be seen as worthy of conservation. In order to provide evidence of the presence of threatened and endangered animals in the area, we need to record them. Because of human activities, the mammals in the Soutpansberg have become very shy and wary of humans, this makes seeing them very difficult.

Currently the threat of coal mining looms over the Soutpansberg area. Coal companies have their sites set on open cast mining, which will, in no uncertain terms, destroy this unique mountain range which is refuge for biodiversity and species endemism.

Afrodura gecko of unresolved taxonomy.

Acraea aglaonice, one of the many species of butterfly occurring in the Soutpansberg.
As environmentalists and conservationists, the Soutpansberg Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation is appealing to YOU to help us make a difference as to the future of the Soutpansberg. We are asking for a donation to help us continue our operations in the area. Help us to turn the tide of human destruction of Nature in the Soutpansberg.

Some of the things your donation will be used for:

Environmental education efforts
Camera traps for documenting and surveying endangered and threatened species in the Soutpansberg
A solar power starter kit to run computers for research
Alien invasive plant control
Food and board for underprivileged South African volunteers
An indigenous horticultural programme
Cleaning and protecting the Sand River (home of the SCBC)
Anti-poaching efforts
Sustainable eco-tourism.

A little goes a long way. Your donation will be a great help to our ongoing efforts.

The Narina Trogon, a forest bird more often heard than seen.
Can you donate time? Get in touch and become a participant at the Soutpansberg Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation.

To donate contact Ryan van Huyssteen at

Agama atra, a beautiful and active lizard.

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